Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whoever Is Saying Im Spamming Their Site

Some person naming themselves "Annonymous" is claiming im spamming their site when I have no clue what theyre talking about. If your reading this, just know - its not me. I have no clue what your site is and I would never go around spamming on someone else's work. If you really did report me thats pretty sad because you wont even state what site you own so I can send you a personal statement. Im sorry for the confusion and hopefully you understand


Anonymous said...

i didn't report you. but, i closed my cbox about a week ago b/c someone kept spamming it constantly about this site. and then i re-opened it yesterday and this morning i see it has another spam from this site.

if it is not you, then i dont know who else would go around promoting blog sites

Felipe_2007 said...

Some people just needs to grow up

Britney said...

Actually.. I've seen random people promoting this blog all over the place. Various (unrelated) message boards, on livejournal, other blogs like this one, etc. Especially after he started posting the american idol files.

Anonymous said...

in response to felipe:

i don't want clutter on my blog. my request box isn't an open billboard. i got banned from the chat box at this site here for doing similar such things with promoting the fetchmemusicboard. so, if you are involved in this, please stop

ryan said...

why not then give the web address so that matt can look at it