Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lack of Updates/Slowness

Im SO sorry about the lack of updates lately, things have been kinda crazy in my life right now with the end of the school year coming. I also went to the Gwen Stefani concert last night (which was amazing) so i missed posting yesterday too. Also, the TagBoard is getting kinda crazy! You guys need to seriously chill out with the American Idol fueding cuz I just went though all the posts and had to delete and ban 3 people, sorry. Everyone has their own opinions on the show and their contestant which needs to be accepted. Anyway, Ill try to look around for some new things to post for you guys to make up for this dry period.



I'm looking forward to it !!! :D !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, either way you look at it, American Idol sucks @$$. Sorry, but IT needs to go AWAY!

Mommy-Brain said...

Hey Matt - no problem I think I'd be worried if your entire world revolved around this site ha ha.

If my memory is correct from scanning through past posts when I first found you as I only recently found your site you are a HS senior so I assume you are gearing up for grad - have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt.

How awesome was the concert. Loved it too. I was in awe the whole time.

Favour... would it be possible to grab a high quality version of the sweet escape video again??? The links below are no longer working.