Sunday, September 02, 2007


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I just moved into my college dorm today so as you can imagine, its been a pretty hectic weekend. I also wanted to let you know about the future of this blog. Since Im in school now my main focus will obviously be my academics but Ill try to update daily; also I dont know how much activity I can use on this  blog because the internet network im connected to at my school tracks downloads and illegal material, so you can imagine what state that puts me in. I know it sucks for you but it also does for me to cuz i really dont think i can stop what im doing in bringing you guys the latest media. I just dont know what my restrictions and consequences will be if i continue to do so. Ill still try to update as much as i can for now but we'll see where that takes me. Feel free to give advice in the comments cuz im really torn in this situation.

thanks for all the encouraging comments guys! it really means a lot. Let me try to explain the situation a little more clearer since im learning more about it every day. The school sets every computer that uses their internet system on a security line. The line monitors everything we do, not necessarily by the school, but by something like the RIAA. If i download a new song for album they could catch that and alert my school. If i get caught, i need to sign a form to not do it again, AND my music library is search for any illegal downloads that i cannot prove are mine. Since i cant claim ownership to most of the songs they would probably be taken away, which sucks. Im hating this as much as you guys cuz even im crippled in what i can download for just myself. Im still trying to decide on the future of the blog and will let you know.
thanks again