Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Enough is Enough

You people are so ungrateful. It sickens me to read that tag board everyday with the nasty thing people say about this blog. I know posts have been slow but has it ever occured to you that i have a FUCKING LIFE!? Im a senior in high school so im swamped with work and college apps and the last thing I need to do is this blog, but I still work on it. Im not a fucking computer automatically updating the site daily with the first things that come out, and like I said, I DONT POST OLD SHIT! So if you dont like this blog, LEAVE! There a tons of other blogs out there and enough under the Links sections for you to visit. Ive had enough with all you pieces of shit and the next horribly negative comment I see on the tag board, its being removed.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Cover Art Issue

I am so sick and tired of seeing other blogs take cover art that I MADE and cpmpletly cut off the tag at the bottom. It work really hard to make those covers and and very proud of them. If I see ONE more blog that does it im gonna have to put a HUGE stamp across the center of every cover I make, I know it sucks but i dont know what else to do. People need to learn to respect other peoples work


Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Layout

Yes, yes, its finally here. Lots of people have been requesting a new layout, so here it is. I wanted something fresh and clean cut. Also, Im really liking the new header I made. Leave comments on all of this!