Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Changes!

Hey guys, I know I said Im grounded (I still am, parents are out haha), but that would not stop me from making some major changes to the site. I felt it needed to little more individuality and originality to some other blogs, so I made some new features that I think you'll love.
New Features include:

-New Header Title
-New Layout
-Moderated Comment Control
-More Posts Shown on Main Page

Hope you guys enjoy all the new changes to New Music Now, and have FUN!

-matt :-)


jayjay said...

WOW!!!! great layout, cool colors, i like it alot. It's nice

Anonymous said...

i love this new layout. and im sorry if im annoying but u can see ve been asking for gwen stefani videos for SOOOOO long. can u post all the gwen stefani videos u have, thnx

Gregory Littley said...

dude- keep up the GR8 Work!
i check your site everyday, and i am always pleasently suprised.
MORE DUFF LOVE. Love that biotch!

bankock said...

very beautiful
i love it

Sir-Limps-A-Lot said...

hej cool blog!!! Like the music, check out my blog at