Monday, August 14, 2006

Important Message

Hey guys, I apologize for those nasty posts Ursuala left on the tag board. I know its completly immature and foul but theres only so much I can do to stop it. Another thing, last week I had a party when my parents were away and they just found out so some of my punishment is no computer for 2 weeks. I know, it sucks. So there wont be any new posts for awhile, but maybe Ill be able to sneak in and post some stuff for you guys when theyre not lookin haha. But dont shut the blog out for that whole two weeks. Im gonna try to talk to them to make it only one so it wont be that bad. Also, I decided to take off the tagboard while Im away. I dont want any foul language or nasty comments being left here without my supervision, but Ill probably put it back up once I get back.

hope to talk to you really soon,
-matt :-)

UPDATE: Im only gone for one week now! yay!


Anonymous said...

thanks for getting rid of the messages. ursula, why are u so gross? you are just ruining it for everyone else. Hope to see u soon, maybe u could get on tomorrow and get "playing with fire"??? Thanks!

BlueSim said...

you bet ill post Play With Fire the second I get it. I might not be too quick with it, or first but you can count on it being on the blog! :-)

Sirou said...

Ciao dall'Italia!

Hip-hop don't stop!

Se vuoi passa da me!


Ray said...

Lol, I guess neither of us can update for a while.

Malou said...

damn 2 weeks!

was the party worth it?