Sunday, February 25, 2007

2 iPod Video Problems

I just realized that Avril and Katharine's videos that I posted will not sync to iPod through iTunes. To fix this problem, Import the video as you normally would, then right click it and select "Convert Selection for iPod" and it will convert it for you. Then just delete the other file.
sorry about that


Anonymous said...

nooooooooooo, lol that takes the audio off it! i found this out when i was a complete computer rookie this time last year, when i first got a laptop and didnt even know about sites like these etc (thanks!! btw) but naw erm tell them to use 'videora ipod converter' or somethin, cause the converting in itunes takes the audio completely off

BlueSim said...

dude, its doesnt take the audio off. i just did it myself. i wouldnt post this if it didnt work