Sunday, November 12, 2006


Hey guys, Im so sorry there havent been any updates because Ive been in Boston for the long weekend and FORGOT to tell you guys :-( I tried accessing the site from my dad's BLackBerry, but damn Merrill Lynch blocked it. Again, Im so sorry about not telling you guys, but Im back now and Ill look around for some new stuff.
P.S. - Ray, how did you know I was on vaca? Thats creepy


kevin said...


you dont have to appoli what ever i think what your doing is awesome and im thanking tou so thx and thx again

Ray said...

Lol, I basically took a wild guess. Anyways, it was either that, or you were grounded for something.

Sam said...

Dont worry same way u are very cool and good with us and ever make amazing post.
Thanks for everything