Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Know This Is Unusual but...

Im asking a request from YOU. Ive been searching for Christina Aguilera's tracks "The Voice Within (Video/Radio Edit)" and "I Turn To You (Radio Edit with Music Intro)" and I cant find it anywhere. If you guys can help me out with this, ID really appreciate it! You can send a link to my email or post it in the comments of this post.
thanks guys
-matt :-)
UPDATE: WOW! thanks for all the amazing response everyone! ive gotten many links and i really appreciate it guys, thanks sooo much!! :-)
UPDATE 2: All the links are in the comments of this post. Thanks to everyone who posted one!


Anonymous said...

here's the video version (with intro) it was on the itty single:

I Turn To You

BlueSim said...

thank you soo much! now all i need is the voice within.

PoMZY said...

here u go:

The Voice Within (Radio Edit)

Rictor said...

Hi there. I uploaded a zipped folder with 2 versions of the song. I hope it is what you are looking for.

Voice Within Bitch

Laes said...

The voice within radio edit


Marck said...

Here Is The radio edit of (The Voice Within)NJOY!!!!
And Just one Question - U Don`t Have The Bonus Track`s Of Back To Basics?¿?¿

HaydenWing said...

okie. here is the video version of The Voice Within... and yea, i love your blog :D


Ann said...

A Voice Within

Here's hoping it's the version you want!

Rictor said...

So, now you need to post all the different versions you got! THAT WAY WE ALL DON'T DOWNLOAD ALL THE SAME SONGS FROM EACH OTHER! I hate caps lock.

Luis said...

love yar blog