Friday, November 30, 2007

New Banner Contest

I desperately need a new layout and banner and Im asking YOU guys for help. I need to keep having reasons to keep this blog up and I think a new layout will help me. Im slowly coming back and I want you guys to be apart of this change. My Mac doesnt have an application to make graphics like my Windows did before so Im kinda stuck. The banner should be the same size as the one I have now with color and obviously the title of the blog, and if you want to put a little something extra on it like a tagline, thats fine too. I thought this would be a fun idea for visitors to participate in the blog and help me bring it back.
Email all your entries to and Ill accept entries until further notice so send them in as soon as you can!
Thanks guys!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

About Posting Full Albums

I know Alicia and Leona's albums both leaked recently and I havent posted them cuz I just dont know if I can. My internet connection here at school is ridiculous when I try to upload large files and usually takes hours to do which I dont have time for. I might post a couple individual tracks from the album though so you at least get something. And if you want the full album there are PLENTY of other blogs that have them available (the links to the right of this blog). Ill see how long it takes to upload an album and decide if Ill post it but for now, dont expect them right when they leak. Sorry